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Ben Clarke

Has a background in Finance and over 20 years in Real Estate investing experience before entering the digital world. First discovered Bitcoin in 2013, co-founder BlockMatrix Capital an investment firm deploying capital in over 20 blockchain related projects between 2016-2019.

Founded A195 Capital a private capital firm focused on blockchain related technology with a focus to expand a global portfolio. Has advised several early stage projects and currently advises Casper Labs. Prior notable investments include Polkadot, ICON, WAN Chain, EOS, Chainlink, OMG, Quant Network, Trust Token, Kyber Network, Arweave, and UniLend.


With a background as a Real Estate investor and manager for over 10 years, Luis co-founded and ran EOwireless, an internet infrastructure company in Portugal, between 2005-2011. He discovered Blockchain in 2017 and has been investing in Cryptoassets since that time.

Luis is an industry expert in grassroots community development and project launch strategy. He has helped to build a number of thriving community ecosystems and has been responsible for numerous high impact project launches.

Some of his previous investments include SNX, Kyber Network, The Graph, Nsure and Arweave, where he co-founded the @Arweavers community.


Rob bought his first Arweave in 2018 and acquired Vether during the first era. He co-founded the @Arweavers community with Luis and has hosted numerous AMAs within the ecosystem.
He has considerable experience in generating community engagement for the projects he invests in.


YC bought his first Bitcoin in 2014. Like many other sad stories, he sold it off early (to pay for his school fees and some penalties for breaking a bond). However, he’s grateful that he stuck around and went on to co-found MW Partners and Fengshui Capital,
before joining 4SV as a partner.

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